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“What Katie did”

We were away last week in Dorset when Storm Katie arrived. The sea was impressive.

Not so impressive was the damage in the wood with the top of a maple removed, landing close to the P1060958 P1060959house, and a large ash leaning precariously. We will now to have to find time to chainsaw, saw and lop.  Hopefully the ash will regrow if coppiced or pollarded, although cutting down hanging trees is tricky and needs to be done carefully.




Sweet Gum looking tasty!

Not strictly to do with an ancient woodland at all, but the Liquid Amber, aka Sweet Gum, (Liquidambar styraciflua)  in our garden is beginning to look good in the sun.


Housekeeping tree shelters

Tucked away in a corner of the wood I found this hazel severely outgrowing its tree shelter. We take most tree shelters off before they get to this stage so I will be out with my Stanley knife soon.  My pet hate is the sight, common is new woodlands on the South Downs, of tree shelters left lying around as rubbish.  Countryside visitors often get blame for littering but some landowners cause far more with these long lasting plastic tree shelters.

Out grown tree shelter

Outgrown tree shelter