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Flycatchers are back

Great to have the spotted flycatchers nesting again. Almost the same place I hope the Magpies and Jays don’t read this, they have been a pest for several of our nesting birds. Having boarded up my spyhole from last year I’m repeating the photo from then.

We had absolutely no tadpoles this year – I wonder if it was because the water level was too low. There’s also competition now from a very large new pond (lake) built by a neighbour.

We also have a large number of Early Purple Orchids this year, well over 200, and visiting deer at our picnic table (almost).

spotted flycatcher

Orchids 2015









No flies on us!

Sorry, no posts for a while. We have been away looking at lovely NW Spain, including here.  Thoroughly recommended.

On our return we are lucky enough to find a pair of Spotted Flycatchers nesting in our car port.

spotted flycatcher

Feeding the birds

We have been feeding the birds for the last two months with two hanging bird feeders, one for seeds and the other for fat balls. This has resulted in a wonderful variety of  species visible from our kitchen table.  Today in the space of one hour we saw the following; blue tit, great tit, coal tit, bullfinch, goldfinch, nuthatch and on the ground picking up the dregs were; house sparrow, blackbird, dunnock, robin, chaffinch.  At one point we had seven long-tailed tits on the feeder.  We have also had pheasant, jay, magpie and even a mouse looking for the left overs.