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Helping our Sequoia – we hope

Our Sequoia has been showing signs of distress with lower branches on one side dying back. After advice from an arboriculturist we have had the hard driveway replaced with some Cellweb root protection – we hope it works.


Autumn colour

Walked around the wood today in the sunshine – nice to see the sun once in a while.

Good autumn colours and a carpet of leaves. Also the Wild Service Tree has a few remaining beautiful red leaves.

“What Katie did”

We were away last week in Dorset when Storm Katie arrived. The sea was impressive.

Not so impressive was the damage in the wood with the top of a maple removed, landing close to the P1060958 P1060959house, and a large ash leaning precariously. We will now to have to find time to chainsaw, saw and lop.  Hopefully the ash will regrow if coppiced or pollarded, although cutting down hanging trees is tricky and needs to be done carefully.



Evergreen hazel – whatever next!

Starting coppicing yesterday I noticed that the bluebell leaves were quite well advanced. However I was even more surprised to see some hazel which has not lost their leaves over the winter. Whether they will drop after last night’s frost, and if so what that will do for development, I do not know.


Quick sharp for the New Year

After chain sawing some dry oak the chain saw is now in need of some sharpening. I have the kit to work on my trusty Stihl and it will be back to it’s best for some winter tree work – assuming I get all the angles right.

Some of the oak was planed by wood designer / maker Colin Norgate ( for friends for them to mount their slate house name plate. Should last a few years.




Leaning trees – work in progress

On our farming neighbour’s land there were several leaning and collapsing small trees in a small copse area, some over the road, others over our hedge. He was happy for us to work to remove them. Having started on it we found that they were blackthorn trees.  One seemed to be a roost for an owl, so I left it to see if it comes back.

A friend is interested in the heartwood – he says it’s a nice colour – up to 20cm diameter.


Ready for the next tree


Blackthorn, nice colour heartwood.