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We await the Barn Owls

We now have an empty barn owl box.

Barry & Madeleine who live in Greatham suggested that our wood could be a good location for owl boxes and Barry makes them – so now we have one specially designed as a des-res for a barn owl. We need to coppice a field maple to make a space for them to fly in easier which is just about to happen. We wait with bated breath, but it could be a while!





Woodpeckers the tree fellers

In the post for July 2012 we showed the series of holes drilled by a great spotted woodpecker.  The recent gale found the weakness and this is the result.

The tawny owl is back – roosting in its favourite spot.


Cuddly owls

We have tawny owls in the wood and have been hearing them again.  A pair were roosting on a branch for several weeks but unfortunately the place they sheltered under was blown away.  The stoat was active again today running around the sides of the lawn and bounding across it ( the “lawn” was meadow until we cleared it last week).

owls cropped

Pair of cuddly owls