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Strange oak gall

In September I was leading walks in Provence for HF Holidays and spotted this very strange oak gall. It took me ages to identify it as


It’s amazing what a gall wasp can cause to happen.;


Galle du chêne d'Andricus dentimitratus


Can’t see the wood for the wood

The oak tree which was blown down last winter (here) is now almost all sawn and split for firewood.  We have kept some back for use as stools around the camp-fire and possibly for some carving.  The small branches have been hand sawn for starting the fire, the larger pieces chain-sawed and split with a hand log splitter. Lots of physical exercise.

Stack of logs three deep

Stack of logs three deep

and even more

and even more





Phew! Have just dismembered the fallen oak

The oak which was blown over into our neighbour’s field is now in pieces.  Some more clearing up required when the ground dries out a bit.  Loads of brash, small & large logs to be moved.  More muscles and effort required.We will try pushing the tree back on its roots, but will need mechanical assistance because it probably weighs about 1 ton.

WP_000063 WP_000066

Spring already – but damage to put right

Today we have some primroses out – just one clump but it’s very cheering to see.  Must go to check if the snowdrops are appearing in the wood.  The oak tree which was blown into our neighbour’s field needs work but the ground is like a marsh at the moment.  Started trimming the thinner branches off today – but lots to do.    Any volunteers?

P1040768      P1040769