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“What Katie did”

We were away last week in Dorset when Storm Katie arrived. The sea was impressive.

Not so impressive was the damage in the wood with the top of a maple removed, landing close to the P1060958 P1060959house, and a large ash leaning precariously. We will now to have to find time to chainsaw, saw and lop.  Hopefully the ash will regrow if coppiced or pollarded, although cutting down hanging trees is tricky and needs to be done carefully.




Lots of posts – fence posts that is ..

A tree fell across the fence dividing copse into two parcels. It’s our responsibility to maintain it and I  noticed that many of the posts are rotten. So I have now bought 40  local split sweet chestnut stakes which means a lot of work to knock them in and re-attach the barbed wire.  I have been assured that even untreated they will last at least 10 years. This afternoon we managed to do about 10 posts so good progress made.


Quick sharp for the New Year

After chain sawing some dry oak the chain saw is now in need of some sharpening. I have the kit to work on my trusty Stihl and it will be back to it’s best for some winter tree work – assuming I get all the angles right.

Some of the oak was planed by wood designer / maker Colin Norgate ( for friends for them to mount their slate house name plate. Should last a few years.




Hard work pays off

After coppicing during the last two winters we now have a succession of two small areas young hazel. They had to be protected from deer and rabbits, and are looking good. The deer have heavily browsed some of our garden plants; anemones, grape vine, sallow, and the fruit trees. Oh for some venison!


Coppice management

Red Bull can

Every so often we litter pick on the road outside our house and woodland – well, no one else will.

I collected the various cans for re-cycling while my wife collected the non-recyclables. Unfortunately in Hampshire little plastic can be recycled.

In the can stakes for Red Bull it was a bit like Formula 1 – winning with about 50% of the collected cans – probably a race the Red Bull PR team would not want to win.

It very depressing that many drivers seem to regard the roadside as their rubbish bin, rather than taking it home – which must be close by.

Woodland Management Plan meeting

Today I attended a meeting at Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Hampshire organised by Institute of Chartered Foresters and supported heavily by the Forestry Commission. Very useful day with lots of helpful ideas about Woodland Management Plans, for both  small & large woodlands, here.

Also interesting presentations about threats (pests & diseases ) and climate change effects.