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Disturbing wasps

While moving some logs ready for the autumn & winter fires (already!) I found myself sharing space with wasps which have built a nest in a hole in the ground which may have been excavated by rabbits. I’m always impressed by the wood mâché .



Ash Dieback is here!

I’ve been a bit busy, or slack, so this is the first post in a while.

A few sad sights in the woodland with quite a few young ash trees, including coppice stools, affected by and succumbing to ash dieback (Chalara fraxinea). Here’s the evidence. I hope some of the very old coppiced ash trees, which must be a few hundred years old, don’t die.

On a better note, I managed to catch a dragonfly sunbathing on an oak.




















Coppicing – and a surprise bug

We have been coppicing a new area of the copse, trying to get some sort of rotation going. The last three years efforts look good. A friend helped and we did about 10 stools, it doesn’t sound much but some were large. We now have plenty of small wood for the fire, and hazel rods if anyone wants them. We also tried laying one to see if it will root as there are some areas which could do with filling in.

Came across this Hawthorn Shield Bug on one hazel I was cutting down. It didn’t shift so it went carefully with the cut stem.



Pesky wasps

We have a few fruit trees including a Victoria plum, with some nice fruits on. Or at least they were. Some flies enjoying them as well. Much worse than last year.