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Dryad’s Saddle – edible

An ash has a “great” outcrop of Dryad’s Saddle or Pheasant Back mushroom.

Not sure it’s a good sign for the Ash it’s growing on – however it will probably die soon anyway. See previous post.

Here’s an article on cooking it.


Frozen fungi

Nice frozen veg. Not sure which fungus.




Fungi at work

We left some woodpiles last winter after doing some thinning.  They have begun to sprout fungi – busy recycling the wood.  Two different piles, two different type of wood – sallow & oak.  Photos below show them, although we haven’t identified them yet.  The first example is on sallow, the other two on oak.

P1040727   P1040730P1040731

Patience is rewarded

Three years ago our son gave us some wood plugs impregnated with oyster mushroom spores. We drilled some fairly fresh ash and field maple logs and inserted the plugs – and nothing happened.  Now one of the logs has sprouted an oyster mushroom – but not enough to eat.  Coincidently at the same time some natural oyster mushrooms appeared on an ash tree.

Natural oyster mushroom on an ash tree.

“Planted” oyster mushroom

Fungi season

Walking in the wood yesterday I found several fungi, here are two of them.  Both of these are edible (with care) – the Wood Blewit (Clitocybe nuda) which is supposed to be very good and (probably) Common Puff Ball (Lycoperdon Perlatum) which is edible but not with alcohol.  Always ensure you can identify fungi before eating them, and most need to be cooked.

Common Puffball

Wood Blewit