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Spring is springing, nearly

Mid-February and spring flowers beginning to appear.  Snowdrops already out, now primroses & celandines making a show.

P1050844 P1050842


Spring already – but damage to put right

Today we have some primroses out – just one clump but it’s very cheering to see.  Must go to check if the snowdrops are appearing in the wood.  The oak tree which was blown into our neighbour’s field needs work but the ground is like a marsh at the moment.  Started trimming the thinner branches off today – but lots to do.    Any volunteers?

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Frogs and lungs

The frog spawn has arrived, about a week later than last year – and it had only just been laid, with frogs still around.  Last year we were worrying whether there would be enough water!

In flower and spreading very slowly is lungwort, pulmonaria officinalis.  It is officinalis because it has been used for medicinal purposes for treatment of chest problems, although there is no evidence that this works.

frog spawnlungwort

Frog Spawn and wood anenomies

The eggs seem to have matured into tiny tadpoles – so tiny there is no shape as yet. The water level on the pond is going down, but we hope they mature into frogs / toads before it dries out !

Another sighting today – the wood anenomies are out. We have to confess that we did  plant them and it took several years before they decided to flower. When the plant survey was done on the wood, surprise was expressed that there were none –  so now there are!

Long tailed tits and cowslips

I was intrigued this morning when I investigated what two long tailed tits were doing hovering under the hanging tiles of our house.  It is quite usual to observe groups of these beautiful, small birds, twittering in the trees, but near the house??  To my surprise they were gathering tiny cobwebs which presumably they were going to use to make a nest.  I wish I knew where.

Another interesting site was observed today. For several years running we have had cowslips appear in April.  Unlike the primroses they have not  been very prolific, but lovely to see, none the less.  Today we saw what looks to be cowslips, in the same area as they have flowered before, same leaves, – but with only one flower per stem. Cowslips normally have several flowers on each stem. Research was not conclusive, but they may have cross pollinated with the primroses.

At this time of…

At this time of the year, the natural environment is very busy. Despite fairly cold winds, nature has not stood still. Today it was the turn of the Lungwort to emerge.