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Oh dear, oh deer

In the winter we coppiced a bay tree (Laurus nobilis), which had rather got out of hand. Some of the wood has been given to a woodworking friend to see if it will turn, it seems a fine grained wood, which smelled rather nice when being cut up. We’re not short of bay leaves for cooking with.

The coppicing has worked, photograph below, but possibly surprisingly the dear like it, even though the young shoots are very aromatic. Half has been heavily browsed, half has escaped. The culprit’s mug shot is below.

P1070260 P1070249






Flycatchers are back

Great to have the spotted flycatchers nesting again. Almost the same place I hope the Magpies and Jays don’t read this, they have been a pest for several of our nesting birds. Having boarded up my spyhole from last year I’m repeating the photo from then.

We had absolutely no tadpoles this year – I wonder if it was because the water level was too low. There’s also competition now from a very large new pond (lake) built by a neighbour.

We also have a large number of Early Purple Orchids this year, well over 200, and visiting deer at our picnic table (almost).

spotted flycatcher

Orchids 2015








Browsing deer

Deer, both fallow and roe, come out of the wood to eat our garden plants and fruit trees!  Last night two roe deer came to do just that.  In the picture you can see one grazing the lawn and one eating a fruit tree (top right hand corner of image).

What a difference a foot makes.

We cut a Sallow (Salix cinerea) as a high coppice (or low pollard) stop the rabbits eating all the new growth.  However it appears just an extra few inches discouraged the fallow deer from eating the shoots on one of the stems.  We now have  a benchmark for the future.

Road Kill

I was up in the wood on Wednesday (29th February) , when I heard a big bang – rather like a car tyre bursting.   I discovered that  a vehicle had collided with a deer. No sign of the car, except for bumper debris all over the road and a very dead deer. How very sad – and I was left to tidy up the road, and call out the Council to remove the carcass.