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At last – everything appearing

Just returned from two weeks away.

Sudden flourishing of flowers; celandines, primroses, wood anemones, fritillaries, sweet violets, dog violets, cow slips, lady’s smock – and even a couple of bluebells.  Comma & brimstone butterflies around.


P1060384 crop







Sunbathing Speckled Wood

Today the sun is out for a change and the Speckled Woods are out in force. The main nectar source is bramble where they frequent, however there are no flowers out yet.  This one was sunbathing on nettle.

The tadpoles are still tadpoles, not sure when they will become froglets.




Butterflies at last

Most butterflies have had a rough year, although on the nearby South Downs there are hundreds ofthousands of Chalkhill Blues.  In our piece of rough meadow (the overgrown lawn)we have had a few Small Skippers when the sun shines.  Interestingly (or not) sylvestris means forest in Latin, however these butterflies are usually on grassland.

Small Skipper (Thymelicus sylvestris)

Tuesday 17th July – Sunshine!

How lovely to see the sun this morning – and I was not the the only one. there were lots of Meadow browns darting about as if their life depended on it. In fact that is no joke because the butterflies have suffered massively with this prolonged wet weather. Apparently the meadow brown is one of the few butterflies that is capable of flying in overcast weather. I have to say I did not observe any others out and about. Did see a deer rushing off though.

Spring sun


Yesterday was Spring, today isn’t!  Sat in the sun and watched everything springing up.  A comma butterfly landed on the table (nice to have coffee sitting outside), photo on right but not ours because camera not to hand.  First flower of Sweet Violet (viola odorata) opened.