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Bluebell beauty

Just back from walk leading on the French Riviera where spring is very well advanced and many of the orchids are finished, whereas here the Early-purple orchids are still to be in their full glory.

What a contrast, bluebells here, natural rock gardens there.





Evergreen hazel – whatever next!

Starting coppicing yesterday I noticed that the bluebell leaves were quite well advanced. However I was even more surprised to see some hazel which has not lost their leaves over the winter. Whether they will drop after last night’s frost, and if so what that will do for development, I do not know.


Bluebell heaven

Bluebells fully out. Certainly earlier than last year.  Halfway across the wood there is a definite demarcation.  Different soil type, moisture content – who knows.


Main bluebell area – with a feint animal path through the middle


Definite line where the bluebells end



Bluebells – already!

Last year, on April 14th we said there was no sign of the bluebells.  Well, today we have a few in flower. Some three weeks earlier than last year, or even normal flowering time.