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Snakes alive! (no, dead) & dying Ash

On the lawn yesterday there was a half eaten grass snake. A shame but it must have been too slow to get away.

The bottom picture shows the dire effects of Ash die-back (Chalara fraxinea), even on mature trees. We have a few ash which are hundreds of years old – I hope those survive. The copse has many ash trees – it will be devastating to lose most of them.




Ash Dieback is here!

I’ve been a bit busy, or slack, so this is the first post in a while.

A few sad sights in the woodland with quite a few young ash trees, including coppice stools, affected by and succumbing to ash dieback (Chalara fraxinea). Here’s the evidence. I hope some of the very old coppiced ash trees, which must be a few hundred years old, don’t die.

On a better note, I managed to catch a dragonfly sunbathing on an oak.




















Wind blown

The recent strong winds have brought down some dead wood, some of it quite large.  As can be seen in the photo of the fence under a large branch some clearing up and repairs will be necessary when we brave the wind and rain.  We are also just about to start coppicing and even have a “customer” for some of the coppice spars to make mink traps, it will be interesting to see the results.

Repairs necessary

Repairs necessary

Cankered ash – not Chalara dieback (yet)

We are busy felling some ash for firewood for our wood-burning stove to be used winter 2013 / 14.  Cutting wood in advance is important, it would be silly to run out of dry firewood with trees to hand.  The trees we are choosing are those which are cankered, a common condition with ash, probably PSEUDOMONAS SYRINGAE.  Some people say to leave some in place as a haven for different forms of wildlife.   Shown below is the cross-section of a cankered trunk and a standing trunk.

Cross-section of cankered trunk

Canker on standing tree