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Frog spawn – missed!

The frogs have been doing their work, with a large amount in the pond. Good, bearing in mind the disease threats to frogs.

However one must have been “caught short” because there were patches of spawn on the grass.

Despite the cold weather, or perhaps because of a compressed season, flowers seem to just about to come out all at once; primroses, wood anemones, cowslips, ladies smock, fritillaries.



Newts, tadpoles, mozzies

Saw a newt today and hundreds of tadpoles. More than we have ever seen before.  There are also thousands, or hundreds of thousands of mosquito larvae – a sign of the wet and warm winter?  Newts are carnivores, so they shouldn’t go hungry. Hope we’re not around when all the mozzies emerge.


The early frog lays the spawn

Just a quick post, sorry no photos

The frog spawn is in the pond.  Not too sure how long it’s been there but it must be about 3 weeks earlier than last year.

We hope we don’t suddenly get a very cold spell.

Frogs and lungs

The frog spawn has arrived, about a week later than last year – and it had only just been laid, with frogs still around.  Last year we were worrying whether there would be enough water!

In flower and spreading very slowly is lungwort, pulmonaria officinalis.  It is officinalis because it has been used for medicinal purposes for treatment of chest problems, although there is no evidence that this works.

frog spawnlungwort

Frog Spawn and wood anenomies

The eggs seem to have matured into tiny tadpoles – so tiny there is no shape as yet. The water level on the pond is going down, but we hope they mature into frogs / toads before it dries out !

Another sighting today – the wood anenomies are out. We have to confess that we did  plant them and it took several years before they decided to flower. When the plant survey was done on the wood, surprise was expressed that there were none –  so now there are!

Spring has arrived – frog spawn

The frog spawn all appeared overnight, 26th / 27th Feb.  The pond, which is ground water fed, is short of water, hope that the tadpoles make it.