Monthly Archives: March 2014

Bluebells – already!

Last year, on April 14th we said there was no sign of the bluebells.  Well, today we have a few in flower. Some three weeks earlier than last year, or even normal flowering time.


Phew! Have just dismembered the fallen oak

The oak which was blown over into our neighbour’s field is now in pieces.  Some more clearing up required when the ground dries out a bit.  Loads of brash, small & large logs to be moved.  More muscles and effort required.We will try pushing the tree back on its roots, but will need mechanical assistance because it probably weighs about 1 ton.

WP_000063 WP_000066

Redwing likes ivy berries

Just managed to catch an image of a Redwing eating the ivy fruits in the hedge, and can just see the red marking.  Must be getting towards the end of the supply.  Another good reason for not cutting country hedges until as late as possible, cutting in the autumn removes so much available food for the winter.