Monthly Archives: February 2014

Woodland Management Plan meeting

Today I attended a meeting at Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Hampshire organised by Institute of Chartered Foresters and supported heavily by the Forestry Commission. Very useful day with lots of helpful ideas about Woodland Management Plans, for both  small & large woodlands, here.

Also interesting presentations about threats (pests & diseases ) and climate change effects.


The early frog lays the spawn

Just a quick post, sorry no photos

The frog spawn is in the pond.¬† Not too sure how long it’s been there but it must be about 3 weeks earlier than last year.

We hope we don’t suddenly get a very cold spell.

Bird feeding delights

The bird food has been attracting a wide range of birds including woodland species. In one hour we seemed to have most (I’m exaggerating a little) of the tit family. Here are three photos and a list; Tits (Blue, Great, Marsh, Long-tailed, Coal), Finches (Bull, Chaffinch, Gold), Dunnock plus other common birds.


Long tailed tit & Great tit