Monthly Archives: May 2013

Solomon’s seal flourishing

The wood has a superb spread of Solomon’s Seal this year.  Together with over 250 Early Purple Orchids and masses of Wild Garlic some plants must like the climate.  See for a good selection of  wild garlic recipes, especially the pesto which we have made.

Early Purple Orchid
Orchis Mascula

Common Solomon’s Seal
Polygonatum multiflorum


Spring finally came in May

Now the weather has warmed up, there is an explosion of activity in the wood.  Gone is the dependence on the bird feeder, and the Morning Chorus is magnificent at 4.00am!!  I have seen the stoat again, so it must “live” nearby.  The ransoms – or wild garlic has sprung up in its usual profusion and I have made lots of garlic pesto.  I risked stinging myself to gather new stinging nettles to make soup.   The best news is that the bluebells and orchids are out at last – about 3 weeks later that last year.  It looks as if the bluebell spread might be a bit thinner that last year, but more may come through and change all that.  The Early Purple Spotted Orchids are fabulous. I counted 121 blooms on the west side of the wood and 12 on the east side – more will come up that side I’m sure.