Monthly Archives: February 2013

Spring springing

The snowdrops in the wood have been out for a week or so.  They seem to be more numerous than last year, perhaps they like the wet.  Just back from an HFHolidays leaders conference in Dovedale, there were plenty of snowdrops but I didn’t see any primroses. Here the first primroses are in flower on the banks – it gives a good feeling.



Coppice in the snow

Some coppicing has now been completed with protection necessary to keep the rabbits and deer away from the new shoots when they appear. The photo shows a typical stool, now in the snow, complete with wire mesh. We now have a supply of bean poles and pea sticks, some of which have been given away – still more available and have been offered via the local horticultural society.  The coppice has been cut at an angle, it’s normally cut level in public places.