Monthly Archives: July 2012

Danger – woodpecker at work

It seems that a great spotted woodpecker is trying to fell the top half of a large nearly dead bird cherry (prunus avium).  It chose not to nest so I’m not sure why it drilled the holes in this formation.


Tuesday 17th July – Sunshine!

How lovely to see the sun this morning – and I was not the the only one. there were lots of Meadow browns darting about as if their life depended on it. In fact that is no joke because the butterflies have suffered massively with this prolonged wet weather. Apparently the meadow brown is one of the few butterflies that is capable of flying in overcast weather. I have to say I did not observe any others out and about. Did see a deer rushing off though.

Spotted Flycatcher spotted

We have a spotted flycatcher nesting on the house, in a typical place for flycatchers between some creepers and the house brickwork.  Could be offspring of previous summer visitors.  Let’s hope with the current terrible weather they find enough food.  Two photographs; one of the nest with a bird staring out, one with the bird sitting on a nearby branch. Quality not good with photographs taken in the rain – there’s a surprise!

Nest and bird looking out

Spotted flycatcher