Monthly Archives: May 2012

Suddenly it’s hot

Temperature in 10 days gone from 12C (53F)  to 27C (81F) and everything has suddenly started  flowering.

Today we spotted a single Common Bistort (Persicaria bistorta / Polygonium bistorta).  This is very localised on the edge of the wood and seems to move a little each year but is not expanding.  We were expecting it to either spread, or disappear being isolated.

Bistort (Polygonium bistorta / Persicaria bistorta)


Splish, splash

Made it through the woodland today without actually getting wet.  Counted 155 early purple spotted orchids, a very good number but the bluebells are quite sparse this year.  There was one very pale variety of orchid found, as in the photograph.

Early purple orchid, pale colour.


Greater Stitchwort growing through bluebells.