Monthly Archives: April 2012

Bluebells and Orchids

One of the most eagerly awaited times of the year is now – when the Early Purple Spotted Orchids and the bluebells appear.  This year April has been cold, after a warm late March.  So far the orchid count is definately down. Today, I counted only 46, whereas in previous years it has reached 150.  we shall see what happens in the next two weeks, as to whether this is a reduction.  The bluebells also seem to be less prolific.  The leaf cover is as great, so this may be a cyclical observation.

Early Purple Spotted Orchids looking very healthy


Ducklings – not ugly

A female mallard and her 14 (we think) ducklings waddled across the lawn having nested somewhere in the wood. In the past most eggs and ducklings have been lost to predators.  They obviously were on their way to a pond bigger and better than ours.Image

Spring, Summer, Spring

Everything springing forward. Primroses all over the wood, banks and lawn  – just like weeds. Wood anemones, violets in abundance and bluebells just starting.  First orange tip and brimstone butterflies in the last few days.  Plum trees in flower.  Great time of year. Now hope the cold weather and frost doesn’t cause any damage.