Road Kill

I was up in the wood on Wednesday (29th February) , when I heard a big bang – rather like a car tyre bursting.   I discovered that  a vehicle had collided with a deer. No sign of the car, except for bumper debris all over the road and a very dead deer. How very sad – and I was left to tidy up the road, and call out the Council to remove the carcass.


Posted on March 4, 2012, in deer. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Sad, but then again I would have seen this as an opportunity. It is illegal to take road kill home if you have collided with the creature, but if you a the next car along, or a pedestrian…

    Venison is, afterall a wonderfully tasty meat!

  2. Richard – you live too far away to help us out. I’m afraid the journey from Bambi to venison on the plate is something outside my expertise! Mind you it did occur to me that it was not necessarily the Council who helpfully removed it!

  3. Ah yes, too far away by far unfortunately.

    I am coming down in a few weeks for a wee night out in your woods though, so this blog is wetting my appetite!….and reinforcing how I really need to sell both my kidneys and get a similar wood for our family!

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