Monthly Archives: March 2012

Frog Spawn and wood anenomies

The eggs seem to have matured into tiny tadpoles – so tiny there is no shape as yet. The water level on the pond is going down, but we hope they mature into frogs / toads before it dries out !

Another sighting today – the wood anenomies are out. We have to confess that we did  plant them and it took several years before they decided to flower. When the plant survey was done on the wood, surprise was expressed that there were none –  so now there are!


Spring sun


Yesterday was Spring, today isn’t!  Sat in the sun and watched everything springing up.  A comma butterfly landed on the table (nice to have coffee sitting outside), photo on right but not ours because camera not to hand.  First flower of Sweet Violet (viola odorata) opened.

Long tailed tits and cowslips

I was intrigued this morning when I investigated what two long tailed tits were doing hovering under the hanging tiles of our house.  It is quite usual to observe groups of these beautiful, small birds, twittering in the trees, but near the house??  To my surprise they were gathering tiny cobwebs which presumably they were going to use to make a nest.  I wish I knew where.

Another interesting site was observed today. For several years running we have had cowslips appear in April.  Unlike the primroses they have not  been very prolific, but lovely to see, none the less.  Today we saw what looks to be cowslips, in the same area as they have flowered before, same leaves, – but with only one flower per stem. Cowslips normally have several flowers on each stem. Research was not conclusive, but they may have cross pollinated with the primroses.

The Birds Chorus

I usually feed the birds around 8.00am and am amused by the calls that go out from around the house. I imagine it goes like “She’s coming, get ready to feast”

This morning I opened the door and was assailed by a cacophony of song. It was equal to the dawn chorus – so I can announce that as far as the birds are concerned, Spring has definitely sprung.  If only I could record the sound to share with you – it was quite overwhelming.

At this time of…

At this time of the year, the natural environment is very busy. Despite fairly cold winds, nature has not stood still. Today it was the turn of the Lungwort to emerge.


Sunday Weather News.

I know we need the rain – but not only did it rain – it snowed.

Road Kill

I was up in the wood on Wednesday (29th February) , when I heard a big bang – rather like a car tyre bursting.   I discovered that  a vehicle had collided with a deer. No sign of the car, except for bumper debris all over the road and a very dead deer. How very sad – and I was left to tidy up the road, and call out the Council to remove the carcass.

Spring has arrived – frog spawn

The frog spawn all appeared overnight, 26th / 27th Feb.  The pond, which is ground water fed, is short of water, hope that the tadpoles make it.